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Monday 28 October 2019

LibDems and Brexit

A great deal of rubbish is being banded about on social media on the LibDem suggestion of revoking Article 50, should they win a General Election.

There are some key points here:
  • This country would be better off Remaining in the EU.
  • The 2016 Referendum was advisory, it was beset by untrue promises and assertions, but above all it was ill-conceived. The question was and is far too complex to be settled by a Referendum; that it Parliament's job.
  • A People's Vote is better than crashing out, but would still be trying to settle a complex matter by an inevitably simplistic binary choice
Parliament is stuck with a government without a majority. It seems to me obvious that a new parliament is needed and, for that to happen, we need a General Election. Some people are arguing that we need a People's Vote before a General Election; my objection based on the complexity of the issue remains.

We need a government with a mandate to finish the business, one way or another.